Wednesday, 27 November 2013

The Wishlist #2 - LUSH

On YouTube recently, I've noticed all my favourite YouTubers (boy, there's a lot of favourites), doing videos on their recent LUSH hauls. Lush is one of those stores I could spend hours in sniffing their delightful scents. Now I love baths in the winter, something so calming about a bath with candles. However, I'm not one turn one down during the summer. We all have those days where we just want to relax and switch off from the world.
Recently, I've complied a mental list of Lush goodies I would like to get my hands on inspired by all these Lush hauls that keep popping up in my subscription box. Now in Australia Lush is a bit more expensive than say in the U.K and I haven't been able to try a Lush bath bomb or soap.
This year, I figured I might spoil myself with a bath bomb, you know has a reward.

I was watching Fleur De Force's Lush haul and she said that she loves the spicy, cinnamon scents. I completely agree, something about cinnamon that screams Christmas. Fleur featured a bath bomb called Cinders, it smells divine! its orange, with popping candy on top. It's meant to re create the scenery of a bonfire, lovely. A whole lot of cinnamon goodness. It is a limited edition, Christmas item, which means I have to snap one up ASAP.

The second item on my Lush wishlist is to test out Candy Mountain! Now this one screams me. I adore sweet scents, sickly sweet scents, and this smells a bit like Snow Fairy. Which everyone seems to love, another thing to add to the list! Candy Mountain is a bubble bar, which means you crumble the littlest bit under running water, and presto, a beautiful sweet bubble bath.

The third item on my list is a regular product at Lush, which is Rose Queen. I find the scent of roses to be the most relaxing thing. I know if I got my hands on this bath bomb, it would start a regular addiction. Rose Queen is also pink! could this be more up my alley?

The fourth item is from their soap range, I also believe this product is limited Christmas edition, Angel's Delight Soap. Oh my goodness, it was love at first whiff! it is so citrusy, which I love as the scent just wakes you up, just what I need. It's gorgeous! all multicoloured  and just lovely.

The fifth item on my wish list is the Twilight Bath Ballistic! I was told that this bath bomb is the most relaxing one they have, perfect for a relaxing, pamper night. It smells of calming lavender, which is the most calming scent I know of (besides rose of course).

The last goodie is their Think Pink Bath Bomb. Oooh baby, another sweet based scent! It's gorgeous, it smells of sweeties and vanilla. Perfect combo! This is a must try I think, with little coloured flowers on top, can it be any more cuter!

Sorry for such a text based post, but if I get my hands on some Lush goodies, would any of you like pictures and a review? Also let me know what is your Lush products? I can always add to my wish list. They are called wish lists for a reason right?!
Check out Lush!

Love always,


  1. I love the bath bombs from lush, I think this weekend I am going to pick up one of their face masks x

    1. Oooh! I have heard good things about their face masks! I want to try the cupcake face mask. :)

      Thank you for stopping by and commenting, so kind of you to. :) x

  2. i never know what to buy from lush but i do love the vanilla scented stuff

    1. Same! I get so overhwlemed with all the choices, I never end up buying something.
      I love vanilla scented products too! :)
      Thank you for your lovely comment! :) x


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