Sunday, 25 May 2014

The Sunday Break #4

The humble mocha, I decided I would treat myself to one and take some time out for myself and organise and plan assignments, to gather my ideas. I know this somewhat defeats the purpose of 'The Sunday Break', but I found planning my assignments in a relaxed café, with a delicious mocha - made it enjoyable.

I did however afterwards treat myself to watching a few episodes of The Carrie Diaries. Once again late on the bandwagon with this one. I have been addicted to The Carrie Diaries. As a massive fan of Sex and the City, (by the by - has anyone read the book it was based on? Was it a good read?). It was only natural that I would want to watch The Carrie Diaries, the prequel to what was Sex and the City. I became addicted instantly, I think Austin Butler is responsible for that one. I really enjoyed watching this series, and I totally ship Kyddshaw (how cute does that sound!). I've become quite fond of the series and recommend it.
After watching the The Carrie Diaries, I want to read the book it is based upon, perhaps the next Sunday Break will be including the The Carrie Diaries novel.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Palmer's Gentle Daily Cleanser

In recent blog posts, I look like I'm obsessed with the Palmer's skincare range, which I can't deny. My purse loves Palmer's skincare, and I love Palmer's skincare. Palmer's skincare, you have my heart.

So I could receive the best results from my skincare routine, I decided to use the facial cleansing range in combination with my facial lotions and moisturizer to receive the best results. My latest addition is the Palmer's Gentle Daily Cleanser. I love cleansers, they freshen my skin and take off all the bad things make up can leave behind. Obviously, everyone has a different skin type and not all products will work for everyone, but personally this facial skincare range works great for me and I'll keep on going with it.
I love this particular cleanser as it smells divine and contains milk proteins and antioxidants which improve the quality of the skin and in conjunction with the matching facial moisturisers - my skin should be healthy and glowing!
I have become so obsessed with skincare lately, which is a good thing, my skin will be thankful for all this extra care, I even begun to notice what a proper skincare routine can do for skin, it's in better condition which is amazing. I'm now looking at the Palmer's facial scrubs and mask range to further enhance the results of my skincare routine.

What are your favourite cleansers? Any recommendations?

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Style Crush - Holland Roden

All images found on google images
I have a massive fashion crush, I love celebrity styles as they are styles that can suit most people and most of the time some celebrity outfits aren't too out there.
I'm often looking at celebrity fashion and styles to get inspiration for myself, it's a great way to learn out to style your outfits and possibly find some fashion pieces to replicate them.
One celebrity who's style I'm just loving right now is Holland Roden's style. I find her style to be a mix of simple, classic and always suits her body type.
The blue floral dress is right up my alley, its the perfect combination of casual but still so pretty. Matching it with a tan handbag just makes the outfit come together. I must find out where to find a dress just like it.
The black and white dress with a slight floral pattern is just stunning, perfect and a timeless style dress.
I love the yellow, lace peplum dress. Peplum is one of my favourite style trends, they flatter any body type in my opinion. I would love this dress in black as that would just make it so sophisticated and timeless. This dress is beaut!

I also have a few other favourite outfits of Holland Roden, would you like to see a part two?
Which celebrity style/fashion do you love?