Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Sunday Break #3

I didn't have a lot of spare time this sunday, but I will always make room for a little chocolate and a good read.

The sweet;
Cadbury's Bite Size Flake Chocolate. I'm not one to turn down a piece of chocolate, so I treated myself to a few pieces, and put the rest away - which was hard to do!

The read; The Perks of Being a Wallflower - Stephen Chbosky.
Such a good book! True to the movie, and just a great read. Highly recommend.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Time for a proper skincare routine; Palmer's Skincare Range

In a post awhile back I mentioned how most moisturisers tended to break my skin out, or my skin didn't get along with a products.
I have quite the basic skincare routine - facial scrub, cleanser, toner and the occasional nose pore strip. I had never delved into the world of skincare all that deeply, which is bad on my behalf.
I'm not longer fourteen, my skin needs extra care heading into my 20s - it's prime time I take care of it.
I was once again in a discount chemist and I went for a look in the skincare aisle as my favourite body butter product was very much reduced! (post on that soon!)
I was looking at the shelves and saw a gift pack of Palmer's skincare products, it was heavily reduced and then I remembered I had some points on my store card that could be used in order to reduce the price further, it ended up being cheaper to buy the gift pack then buying all the products separately.

I was so happy with this, because I adore the Palmer's brand and I love the cocoa scent, it makes taking care of my skin a pleasure. I was shocked at myself for not delving into facial skincare products by Palmer's Skincare as they are fabulous.
The set comes with a lovely daily facial lotion, eye cream, facial serum (which is a favourite), and a night renewal cream.
I actually now have some proper skincare products and a routine, all done on a budget! Only a tiny bit of product is needed, so these products will last me a long time - a good investment.

Since I'm getting into the world of skincare, please leave some recommendations of skincare products you like. :)

Friday, 4 April 2014

Essence Single Eyeshadow in 06 Metropolitan

I saw this little gem, and just fell for it! however, I'm not too impressed by it after all. It looks like a lovely shade in the pan, looked like it would be very pigmented, but it wasn't as pigmented. I really loved the chocolate shade, but it wasn't as much as a chocolate shade as I hoped for.

It looked so promising in the pan, but it just didn't transfer to the lid. Perhaps if, I test this out with an eyelid primer the pigmentation would improve.
I will continue to try and make this work, maybe as a base shade before adding a more pigmented colour. I can say though that I will be wearing this when I'm going for a minimal eye look, as the product is good enough for a light wash of colour on the eyelid.
There was no harm done to the purse strings by buying this product , it was only $1.

What are your favourite eyeshadows? What brands do you think create the best eyeshadows? Let me know!