Friday, 8 August 2014

Cedel Raspberry Rush Hairspray

Hairspray is a wonderful product, which saves my hair from turning into a mess at a hint of a breeze. One thing, I wish I could change is that chemical scent most hairsprays have - but, I have found the product that makes all my hair dreams come true; Cedel's Raspberry Rush Hairspray.
This product is amazing! I just love it! The packaging is gorgeous; it's creative, its pink and stands out in my hair care/product collection. It's just perfect!
The product itself smells of raspberry soft drink and lollies, a pleasure to spray in my hair, and every so often throughout the day - I catch a whiff of it and it still has that gorgeous scent.
The product hair style wise does not disappoint, much like Cedel brand hairsprays, you get a great hold, not crispy and its easy to work with throughout the hair.

They also have a coconut scent and a oriental floral one, looks like two more are about to be purchased. :)

What is your favourite hairspray?  

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