Friday, 4 April 2014

Essence Single Eyeshadow in 06 Metropolitan

I saw this little gem, and just fell for it! however, I'm not too impressed by it after all. It looks like a lovely shade in the pan, looked like it would be very pigmented, but it wasn't as pigmented. I really loved the chocolate shade, but it wasn't as much as a chocolate shade as I hoped for.

It looked so promising in the pan, but it just didn't transfer to the lid. Perhaps if, I test this out with an eyelid primer the pigmentation would improve.
I will continue to try and make this work, maybe as a base shade before adding a more pigmented colour. I can say though that I will be wearing this when I'm going for a minimal eye look, as the product is good enough for a light wash of colour on the eyelid.
There was no harm done to the purse strings by buying this product , it was only $1.

What are your favourite eyeshadows? What brands do you think create the best eyeshadows? Let me know!


  1. It looks like chocolate. I love chocolate.
    Make sure to check out my blog:

    1. Chocolate is amazing. :)
      I'll check out your blog for sure.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment :)

  2. I love MUA and Maybelline colour tattoos are amazing! please could you check out my blog and maybe comment?
    thankyou xo

    1. I love Maybelline colour tattoos, they are truly amazing.
      I'll check out your blog. :)
      Thank you for taking the time to leave a kind comment.


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