Sunday, 8 May 2016

lets meet again...

Hello there, it has been awhile hasn't it?

It's been awhile since my last post, a long while I should say.

I have the typical excuse for the lack of attention to this little space of the internet - 'I'm too busy'. Yes, I did use that lazy excuse - maybe I should have come up with a more exciting, thrilling, and interesting excuse, but that's the truth, busy. It is all thanks to the usual culprits; loss of motivation to blog, university, coursework, and general life.

I didn't stray too far away from the blogsphere, I still actively read and followed my favourite blogs, just the inspiration and motivation to post on my own wasn't there. However, I'm hoping for that to change. I'm hoping to start posting again.

I know this is probably very silly, as probably no one takes notice of this little blog - but truth is,  I miss having a place to share my thoughts and passions for beauty and lifestyle.

So hopefully, I actually fulfil this and start posting again, otherwise I may be typing a similar post to this in the future.

Have you ever fallen out of blogging? How did you fall back in to the routine of blogging? 

Until next time,


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