Thursday, 19 June 2014

L'Oreal Paris Elvive Total Repair Restoring Conditioning Spray

I was recently gifted this product, which is great as I was in need of a conditioning spray to give my hair that little extra care.
Now I have dabbled into L'Oreal haircare range as its the most affordable, and has amazing results.
I use this product in the mornings and at night before I go to bed, I often spray generously throughout my hair and then brush through. What is also great about this product as it often helps to detangle my hair and that it doesn't feel heavy on my hair.
What it says on the bottle is true, it is weightless, it conditions & detangles, and does help to strengthen. However, I believe the hair mask in this range would be more suited to that claim.
I do recommend this product, more as an addition to your haircare routine.
What are your favourite haircare products? Any recommendations?


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